Plesk Horde attachment problem

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Plesk Horde attachment problem

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I'm having the strangest problem with webmail attachments all of a sudden.

Attachments added to a message composed in Horde/IMP webmail on one particular server don't get uploaded properly, and end up as 0 byte (or very few bytes) attachments once the message arrives at its destination.

The problem is definitely related to the upload phase. Opening an existing message that has an attachment (sent to the mailbox via an external server) allows the attachment to be downloaded, and allows the message to be forwarded, complete with attachment, with no problems at all.

I've had issues like this in the past but in those cases there was an impedance mismatch error shown in ASL and one of the zz_strict rules would trigger. In this case no rule is triggering. Nothing appears in the httpd error log either.

ASL is up to date, as is everything else on this particular server.

I've been unable to duplicate the problem on another server. There are differences between the two -- one runs stock Centos php 5.3, while the one causing problems has the Nucleus 5.3. There will also be slight differences to the apache configuration and possibly php settings.

What's key here is that the problem only started this morning. Attachments have been OK in general until now.

And the only thing that gets automatically updated on this system are the ASL rules and clamav signatures. But with nothing in the logs, I don't know where I might be able to look in order to progress.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

The php.ini hasn't been touched since the start of the month so that's not the issue.
I've not changed the apache configuration in years, so I don't think it is that.
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