Totally OT but important: ICANN changes

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Totally OT but important: ICANN changes

Unread post by faris »

This is OT, and maybe better discussed elsewhere. However, I would prefer to discuss it here as long as Scott and Mike don't mind (delete if you do)

I just received an email from Enom, informing me of upcoming changes to the ICANN transfer policy, which seem to have a very serious flaw: ... ember.html

If I understand what is happening correctly, even if you don't transfer a domain and only change the email address for registrant/admin/technical, both the old and the new contacts must confirm the change. If they do not do so, the change will be ignored.

The huge problem, as I see it, is that one of the reasons you might want to change an email contact is when you lose access to an old email address. I see this happen very frequently with customers.

If you can't make changes without both the old and new contacts confirming them, in situations like this you'll never be able to change the details, and indeed would never be able to transfer the domain.

My reason for posting is that I really hope I've misread or misunderstood. It wold be insane if this is really what's happening.
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Re: Totally OT but important: ICANN changes

Unread post by prupert »

ICANN policies have been becoming more and more insane.

The only thing you can do is ensure that that correct e-mail contact is being used in the registration.
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