[atomic-testing] Spamassassin 3.3.0-1

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[atomic-testing] Spamassassin 3.3.0-1

Unread post by scott »

This is a release announcement for the test build of SA 3.3.0 for all distros. There are a lot of changes in this update.

Summary of major changes since 3.2.5


- rules are no longer distributed with the package, but installed by
sa-update - either automatically fetched from the network (preferably),
or from a tar archive, which is available for downloading separately

- CPAN module requirements:
- minimum required version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker is 6.17
- modules now required: Time::HiRes, NetAddr::IP, Archive::Tar
- minimal version of Mail::DKIM is 0.31 (preferred: 0.37 or later);
expect some tests in t/dkim2.t to fail with versions older than 0.36_5;
- no longer used: Mail::DomainKeys, Mail::SPF::Query
- if module Digest::SHA is not available, a module Digest::SHA1
will be used, but at least one of them must be installed;
a DKIM plugin requires Digest::SHA (the older Digest::SHA1 does not
support sha256 hashes), so in practice the Digest::SHA is required

- if keeping AWL database in SQL, the field awl.ip must be extended to
40 characters. The change is necessary to allow AWL to keep track of IPv6
addresses which may appear in a mail header even on non-IPv6 -enabled host.
While at it, consider also adding a field 'signedby' to the SQL table 'awl'
(and adding 'auto_whitelist_distinguish_signed 1' to local.cf);
See sql/README.awl for details. The change need not be undone even if
downgrading back to 3.2.* for some reason;

- fixing a protocol implementation error regarding a PING command required
bumping up the SPAMC protocol version to 1.5. Spamd retains compatibility
with older spamc clients. Combining new spamc clients with pre-3.3 versions
of a spamd daemon is not supported (but happens to work, except for the
PING and SKIP commands).

- it may be worth mentioning that a rule DKIM_VERIFIED has been renamed
to DKIM_VALID, to match its semantics;

- support for versions of perl 5.6.* is being gradually revoked
(may still work, but no promises and no support)

- preferred versions of perl are 5.8.8, 5.8.9, and 5.10.1 or later


- IPv6 support was substantially improved (see below);

- many improvements to the DKIM plugin (understands author domain signatures,
supports multiple signatures, ADSP support with overrides) - (see below);

- added 'if can(Class::method)' conditional statement, allowing configuration
settings to be conditionalised on plugin capabilities without requiring
new version releases to do so;

- added a configuration option 'time_limit', defaulting to 300 seconds
or whatever the caller (like spamd) provides; attempting to gracefully
terminate the checking when a time limit is reached, reporting the score
and test hits that were collected so far, along with an added hit on

- more expensive code sections are now instrumented with timing measurements;
timing report is logged as a debug message by the end of processing,
and made available to a caller and to 'add_header' directives through
a TIMING tag;

- added a configuration option skip_uribl_checks to the URIDNSBL plugin,
cross-document it with skip_rbl_checks;

- preserve order of declared 'add_header' header fields;

- configurable network mask length for the AWL plugin (see below);

- added support for DCC reputations (see below);

- improved error handling and robustness (see below);

- added timestamps when logging on stderr;

- allowed debug areas to be excluded from debugging,
e.g.: -D all,norules,noconfig,nodcc


- rules are no longer distributed with the package, but installed by

- Makefile.PL has been simplified and a bug fixed in a DESTDIR support
by increasing the minimum required version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.17

- tools check_whitelist and check_spamd are now included in the distribution,
now called 'sa-awl' and 'sa-check_spamd'


- modified the Check.pm plugin to produce smaller chunks of source code
from rules (60 kB) to avoid Perl compiler crashing on exceeding stack size

- localized global variables $1, $2, etc at several places, avoiding taint
issue from propagating

- avoided Perl I/O bug by replacing line-by-line reading with read() where
suitable, or played down the EBADF status in other places and only report
it as a dbg instead of a die - while also providing a little speedup
(10 .. 25 %) on reading a message

- provided a new sub Message::split_into_array_of_short_lines to split
a text into array of paragraph chunks of sizes between 1 kB and 2 kB,
giving less opportunity to runaway regular expressions in rules;
fixes bugs: 5717, 5644, 5795, 5486, 5801, 5041


- as a side-effect of compiling rules in smaller chunks (to avoid compiler
crashes), virtual memory footprint of SpamAssassin is reduced;

- saved some memory by not importing the Pod::Usage unless it is needed;

- saved 350k+ of memory in sa-compile by replacing DynaLoader with XSLoader;

- removed unneeded index from MySQL bayes_token table;


- added IPv6 support for trusted_networks, internal_networks, msa_networks,
whitelist_from_rcvd, and other stuff that uses NetSet and the Received
header field parser, using NetAddr::IP;

- allowed usage of a remote dccifd host through an INET or INET6 socket;

- added IPv6 support to AWL plugin and its utility modules; a network
mask length is now configurable and defaults to /48, which controls
what data is stored in an AWL database;

- sql/README.awl and sql/awl_*.sql: increased suggested awl.ip field width
to 40 characters to be able to hold IPv6 addresses;

- IP_PRIVATE now includes ipv6 variants of private address space,
as well as the ipv6-mapped ipv4 addresses.

- NetSet now understands that ::ffff: and are
the same address;

- IPv6 addresses are now recognised in Received header fields;

- when reading Received header fields, the "IPv6:" prefix is stripped from
IPv6 addresses, and "::ffff:" is removed from IPv6-mapped IPv4 addresses
(so strings can match them as simply IPv4 addresses);

- ::1/128 is always included in the trusted_networks/internal_networks set
similar to;

- some of the IPv6 functionality in SpamAssassin requires that a perl module
IO::Socket::INET6 is available (like accessing a DNS resolver over inet6,
talking to a dccifd host over inet6 socket, SPAMC protocol);


- Mail::SpamAssasin::Client ping may erroneously result in broken pipe;
bump spamc protocol version to 1.5, updated spamd, spamc and Client.pm;

- added -n / --connect-timeout switch to spamc, allowing separate
connection timeout from communication timeout;

- added --filter-retries and --filter-retry-sleep

- spamc would not time out connections to a hung spamd, fixed

- spamc client library leaked the zlib compression buffer if compression
is used

- spamc long option '--dest' was broken


- when spamd is started with the daemonize option do not exit the parent
until a child signals that it has logged the pid, to allow a wrapper
script to simply continue immediately after starting spamd;

- additional tempfile cleanup in kill_handler;

- added SPAMD_LOCALHOST option to "make test" to allow specifying
non- IP address for use in FreeBSD jail


- adding one optional argument to Mail::SpamAssassin::parse allows caller
to pass additional out-of-band information to SpamAssassin (such as a
deadline time, DKIM verification results, information about a SMTP session,
or dynamic rule hits); this information is made available to plugins and
the rest of the code through a 'suppl_attrib' hash;

- Plugin::Check - pick up 'rule_hits' from caller via the new mechanism
and call got_hit() on them;

- simplified adding dynamic score hits and dynamic rules by plugins
(such as AWL, CRM114, FuzzyOcr, Check) by letting got_hit() accept
options tflags and description, and letting it store a supplied
dynamic score for proper reporting;

- let the timing breakdown information be accessible to a caller through
the existing get_tag mechanism (tag TIMING);

- let the generated header fields ('add_header' configuration options)
be accessible to a caller through the existing get_tag mechanism


- rules are no longer distributed with the package;

- new scores have been generated by a GA algorithm and then manually tweaked,
based on cleaned datasets supplied by a dozen of volunteers;

- dropped redundant rules or rules causing too many false positives;

- added or updated many rules; incomplete list in no particular order:
vbounce, lotsa_money, muchmoney, image spam, fill_this_form, FreeMail,
European Parliament, HTML attachments, uri_obfu*, urinsrhsbl, urinsrhssub,
urifullnsrhsbl, URI_OBFU_X9_WS, rDNS=localhost, INVALID_DATE_TZ_ABSURD,
advance_fee update, tweak SPAN rules, tweak skype and misquoted-HTML rules,
added some new HTML obfuscation and Google feedproxy URI rules,
tweak reevolved advance fee second-order metarules,
added a test rule for postmaster+abuse missing, FROM_MISSPACED,
fix FROM_CONTAINS_TAB, added Facebook redirector pattern,
and FM_FRM_RN_L_BRACK rules, FP fix for one-word mails on TVD_SPACE_RATIO,
RATWARE_BOUNDARY plus variant, supersede all previous RATWARE_OUTLOOK
stuff, added exclusion for __ISO_2022_JP_DELIM to OBFUSCATING_COMMENT,
FP in obfuscated URI rule, fixed breakage in tbird image rule, fixed
SUBJECT_FUZZY_MEDS FP on unobfuscated "meds", added misspaced From header
field rule, numeric+cctld URI rule, ...

- added PSBL blacklist - http://psbl.surriel.com/

- added support for http://www.spamhaus.org/css/

- added rule for plain text attachments with octet-stream MIME type;

- avoided false positives on ISO-2022-JP messages in several rules;

- removed massmailers from uridnsbl_skip_domain in 25_uribl.cf;

- updated various default whitelists, uridnsbl_skip_domain, adsp_override, ...


- new plugins: FreeMail, PhishTag, Reuse

- now enabled by default: DKIM

- now disabled by default: AWL

- retired plugin: DomainKeys


- plugin AWL is now disabled by default;

- added new configuration options auto_whitelist_ipv4_mask_len and
auto_whitelist_ipv6_mask_len to allow more control on what part of
an IP address is stored into an AWL database;

- README.awl: increased a suggested awl.ip field width to 40 characters
to support IPv6 addresses;

- AutoWhitelist.pm: allowed storing a canonicalized IPv6 address, cropped
to a configurable network mask (previously causing SQL server errors:
'value too long')

- let AWL with SQL keep separate records for DKIM-signed and unsigned mail
(when auto_whitelist_distinguish_signed configuration option is true,
and a field awl.signedby exists);

- avoided a race condition in SQLBasedAddrList.pm when multiple processes
try to insert-or-update an awl SQL record: trying INSERT first, and if
that fails go for UPDATE;

- gracefully handle NaN from corrupted database or a broken emulator or


- added support for DCC reputations, added setting dcc_rep_percent,
new test check_dcc_reputation_range(), new tag DCCREP
(DCC servers supply reputation data only to licensed clients);

- allowed usage of a remote dccifd host through an INET or INET6 socket;


- the plugin is now enabled by default;

- absolute minimal version of Mail::DKIM is 0.31;
support for ADSP requires Mail::DKIM 0.34;
a DNS test (and rule) for NXDOMAIN is operational since Mail::DKIM 0.36_5

- a perl module Digest::SHA is required if the DKIM plugin is enabled
(if a perl module Digest::SHA is available, the module Digest::SHA1
becomes optional as far as SpamAssassin is concerned (but is still
needed by Razor agents));

- added support for multiple signatures (useful for whitelisting);

- plugin now distinguishes author domain signatures from third party
signatures (useful for whitelisting);

- provides a tag DKIMIDENTITY (in addition to DKIMDOMAIN);

- DKIM now supports Author Domain Signing Practices - ADSP (RFC 5617);

- use the Mail::DKIM::AuthorDomainPolicy instead of Mail::DKIM::DkimPolicy,
when available (since Mail::DKIM 0.34);

- implements an 'adsp_override' configuration directive and adds
an eval:check_dkim_adsp check, which is used by new DKIM_ADSP_* rules;

- rules contain an initial set of 'adsp_override' directives, listing
some of the more popular target domains for phishing (applicable only to
domains which sign all their direct mail with a DKIM or DK signature);

- this plugin can now re-use Mail::DKIM verification results if made
available by a caller, which saves resources and makes it possible
for SpamAssassin to work on a truncated large mail without breaking
DKIM signatures;

- check_dkim_signed and check_dkim_adsp eval rules can now take an optional
list of domain names, which limits their action to listed domains only.
It facilitates building DKIM-based rules for specific domains, without
having to resort to meta rules;

- draft-ietf-dkim-ssp-10/RFC-5617 made Author Domain Signature based on 'd':
updated ADSP code accordingly; changed whitelisting code to be based on
SDID ('d') instead of AUID ('i');

- Plugin/DKIM.pm: terminology changes in comments and logging according
to RFC 5617 and draft-ietf-dkim-rfc4871-errata-07;


- fixed Rule2XSBody segfaults;

- no longer treat user data as perl booleans (a string "0" is a false);

- avoid data from the wild be interpreted as perl regular expressions;

- ArchiveIterator: prevent _scan_directory from passing directories
to _scan_file (on NFS it would fail with EISDIR on read(2);

- fixed vpopmail support;

- fixed incorrect mode bits when creating lock files for AWL;

- fixed some cases where :addr headers were parsed incorrectly;

- fixed leakage of 'whitelist_from_rcvd' entries between spamd users;

- fixing run_and_catch, which failed to catch a non-timed run;

- 127/8 isn't an illegal IP;

- reworked the M::S::Timeout module to deal with nested timers as one would
expect: an inner timer shouldn't be able to extend an outer timer's limit;
account for time elapsed in the submitted subroutine when restarting an
outer timer; reset() should have accounted for time already spent;

- the 'exists:' evaluator in HEADER rules now works as documented
and tests for existence of a header field, instead of testing for
a header field body being nonempty; internally, the pms->get can
also now distinguish between empty and nonexistent header fields;

- applied fixes to header fields parsing in several places: header field
names are case-insensitive, whitespace is not required after a colon,
obsolete rfc822 syntax allowed whitespace before a colon;
VBounce: match "Received:" only at the beginning of a line;

- fixed bug 6237: is now an allocated address range,
fixed RCVD_ILLEGAL_IP with IP (and;

- fixed bug 6205 comment 5 in URIDetail.pm;

- 'pyzor_options' in Plugin/Pyzor.pm was not untainted;

- URIDetail plugin was not taint safe, fixed;

- fixed parsing of multi-line Received header fields for

- Bug 6206, Bug 2536: spamd: untaint directory as obtained from a password
file or from vpopmail utilities, avoid implicit untainting; report error
if user preferences file exists but cannot be accessed;

- avoid using raw data from DNS as a regexp in Plugin/ASN.pm;

- ensured the dbg() and info() calls always return the same value (true)
regardless of log level;

- suppress logging of $& when its value is not available (i.e. when
no regexp has been evaluated during rule evaluation);

- Exporter never really worked in SA, was not enclosed in BEGIN {};

- masses/runGA and masses/mk-baseline-results: prevent a shell 'source'
command from loading an unrelated file named 'config' which happens to be
in the current PATH - must use a ./ in an arg to a 'source' command;


- improved error detection and reporting: test status of all system calls
and I/O operations (or explicitly document where not), and report
unexpected failures;

- eval calls now check for eval result instead of testing the $@, which
is not always reliable;

- localized $@ and $! in DESTROY methods to prevent potential calls to eval
and calls to system routines in code executed from a DESTROY method
from clobbering global variables $@ and $!;

- Util::helper_app_pipe_open_unix: contain a failing exec with an eval
to prevent additional cases of process cloning. The exec could fail
this way when given tainted arguments;

- Util::helper_app_pipe_open_unix: flush stdout and stderr before forking,
otherwise an error reported by exec (such as 'insecure dependency')
was lost in a buffer;

- eval-protected an open($fh,'-|') to capture implied fork failures
due to lack of system resource;

- explicit untainting: combine "use re 'taint'" with untaint_var(),
avoiding implicit perl untainting, along with workarounds to prevent it;

- added 'use strict' where missing;

- avoided a bunch of warnings on "Use of uninitialized value"

- clearly report reasons for helper application process failures

- t/SATest.pm: provide information about the process failure reason
if a system() call fails; improved its reporting of failures;

- improved error reporting in Plugin/DCC.pm on finding a DCC home directory
to facilitate troubleshooting;


- pseudoheader "ALL:raw" returns a pristine header section,
and pseudoheader "ALL" returns a cleaned header section

- total rewrite of URI detection in plain text body;

- many updates to the list of top level domains;

- added 'util_rb_3tld', allowing 3-level TLDs to be listed in URIBLs and
allowing new 3TLDs to be added from rule updates;

- avoided trusted_networks bog down due to O(n^2) loop with millions
of entries;

- applied fixes to Plugin/VBounce.pm, updated VBounce ruleset;

- added support for a 'Communigate Pro' Received header field;

- parse Communigate Pro "with HTTPU" auth token;

- provided a workaround for Net::DNS::Packet::new inconsistency;

- let SpamAssassin use either Digest::SHA or Digest::SHA1, whichever is
available (the Digest::SHA is now a base module since perl 5.10.0);

- improved parsing of eval-type rules: allow unquoted domain names,
disallow unmatched quotes;

- provided a new module Mail::SpamAssassin::BayesStore::BDB. It should be
treated as alpha-quality (needs more testing) and is not yet ready for
production use;

- exposed existing function 'received_within_months' as an eval function
in Plugin/HeaderEval.pm;

- use /var/lock/subsys/spamd instead of /var/lock/subsys/spamassassin for
rc script, so that 'service spamd status' will work;

- re-download MIRRRORED.BY files at least once a week, or if
'sa-update --refreshmirrors' switch is used;

- input delimiter $/ can be corrupted by a plugin, localize $/ and $\ before
calling a plugin;

- takes almost a minute to start spamd on a slow machine, bumped up the
retry counter to 90 seconds;

- resolved Bug 5325: syslog severity level in spamc/libspamc.c for max
message size (changed LOG_ERR into LOG_NOTICE for the message:
"skipped message, greater than max message size");

- avoid taint warnings if hostname is returned as '(none)';

- produce an error message if an sa-update channel doesn't exist;

- Bug 6150, Bug 6127, Bug 5981, Bug 5950, Bug 6191: let spamd log/report
a child process exit status or aborting condition in an informative way;

- detect accidental match-everything regexps in rules;

- updated garescorer for 3.3.0: use more epochs in GA runs for better scores;
clarify some mass-check warning output, ensure rule name always appears at
start of line; if a rule had no default/existing score in 50_scores.cf,
don't tell the GA that 1.0 is an appropriate default value, instead pick
the midway point of its score range. this produces better results;
remove some dead code from masses/score-ranges-from-freqs;

- report performance as iterations per second in garescorer.c;

- added test to ensure that all config settings are correctly handled when
switching between users; added more config setting type metadata to enable
those tests to work; and fix URIDetail to store config on the {conf} object,
not on the plugin;

- moved 'release tests' to xt/ directory; mirror long-running, net-tests and
stress tests with xt/50_testname.t scripts to enforce their run before a

- numerous additional and updated self-tests;

- added a Test::Perl::Critic release-test;

- some code cleanups based on suggestions by a perl module Test::Perl::Critic,
among others:
. enable TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoStrict test but allow the
use of 'no strict "refs"';
. deal with BuiltinFunctions::RequireGlobFunction;
. deal with ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions
removing this exception from xt/60_perlcritic.t;
. deal with BayesStore/BDB.pm, Variables::ProhibitConditionalDeclarations
. now that the module Time::HiRes is a required module, we can afford
to replace a select() with Time::HiRes::sleep, and remove exception
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitSleepViaSelect from xt/60_perlcritic.t

- documentation was updated, fixing numerous typos and mistakes in
documentation text and in log messages;

- extensive improvements to development process:
automated testing through Hudson, improvements to mass-check and rules

To Upgrade:
yum --enablerepo=atomic-testing upgrade spamassassin

To install:
yum --enablerepo=atomic-testing install spamassassin
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Re: [atomic-testing] Spamassassin 3.3.0-1

Unread post by aus-city »

I mentioned this in another thread in asl support, but spamassassin 3.3.0 is not compatible with psa-spamassassin as you can no longer use training and mark messages as spam and non spam.
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Re: [atomic-testing] Spamassassin 3.3.0-1

Unread post by breun »

EL5 has upgraded its spamassassin package to version 3.3.1: https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2011-1035.html

Is psa-spamassassin still not compatible with SpamAssassin 3.3.x?
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