Atomic reaches 1 million servers and counting...

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Atomic reaches 1 million servers and counting...

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Some time back in january the Atomic repo for the first time hit 1 million active servers in a single month. These stats dont count devices behind nat, or private repo users so it could have hit this a while ago. I can remember not that long ago when we were reaching maybe 10,000 and thinking that was pretty cool.

Here are some fun stats:
* Atomic is distributed from 8 public mirrors
* The repo will be 10 years old in June
* The oldest tracked package in the changelog is Tnef, v 1.2.1 released on November 27, 2005 (There were older packages, I just did not have the changelog then)
* Atomic has been through 3 major build systems, Manual me + Vmware, DAR (by Dag Wieers), and now ART-build which is a hybrid of mock, dar, and kmodtool
* The repo was originally started to support a side project at Plesk that was supposed to develop something like OpenExchange
* The first package in Atomic was PHP, in order to support R&D for the OpenExchange project. It was needed to support a specific version of Horde
* The most popular package in Atomic is.... PHP
* Since 2005, there have been 4196 package commits
* Packages are built across 5 build servers, Archelon, Leatherback, Loggerhead, Flatback, and Ministry. (rpm -qi <packagename to see which one!>
* I put jokes, inside references, holiday greetings and birthday announcements in rpm changelogs
* The most complicated package is the ASL kernel spec file at 2630 lines, of which 435 are individual patches
* The second most complicated package is the suite of spec's that handle the openvas project

February Distro Stats :

Redhat/CentOS 4: 5917
Redhat/CentOS/Cloudlinux 5: 592875 (wow!)
Redhat/CentOS/Cloudlinux 6: 310103 (and climbing)
Fedora 4: 20 (really.)
Fedora 5: 8
Fedora 6: 255
Fedora 7: 615
Fedora 8: 1830 (these numbers really surprised me)
Fedora 9: 1145
Fedora 10: 1035
Fedora 11: 1930
Fedora 12: 640
Fedora 13: 1555
Fedora 14: 3935
Fedora 15: 2660
Fedora 16: 1342
Fedora 17: 15235 (again wow)
Fedora 18: 2165
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