Repo Update: Mirrorlist move complete (404 Please read)

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Repo Update: Mirrorlist move complete (404 Please read)

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A few months ago we shifted mirrorlists to the alias due to increasing load on our original system, and released an updated atomic rpm. All systems that have kept up to date were automatically moved to the cluster.

Today we retired the old legacy www link completely, because apparently when you're having over a million servers hit that all day it makes the system go slow.

If you are getting 404 errors on the atomic repo mirrorlist, this means your atomic-release is out of date and not pointing to the new location. To fix, just run the atomic repo installer again:

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wget -q -O - |sh
Not recommended, but in a pinch you can manually edit the mirrorlist= in your /etc/yum.repos.d/atomic.repo to point to
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