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404 errors Please read

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Over a year and a half ago, we deployed a large cluster of servers to provide access to our free repository of Linux rpms (called the "atomic repo") and updated the atomic repo rpm to use this new cluster. This cluster is at updates.atomicorp.com, and we moved all of all rpms to that cluster. We also updated the repo installer, rpms and docs to reflect this change.

As a courtesy, for anyone that hadn't updated their atomic repo rpm, which would automatically configure yum to use the new cluster, we temporarily setup a redirect to the new server cluster. Today we retired the old legacy www link completely, because apparently when you have over a million servers (yes, its that many, see this blog post https://www.atomicorp.com/company/blogs ... llion.html) all going to the old deprecated address hitting your main website cluster all day it makes those systems go slow, even with a redirect, and a cluster, and all sorts of magic.

So to help get everyone thats still using to old address to start using the updates server cluster, we've retired that redirect. Therefore, if you are getting 404 errors when using our free repository of rpms, it means you are using the old depreacted http://www.atomicorp.com links and you need to use the correct address.

So, if you are getting 404 errors on the atomic repo, this means your atomic rpm is very out of date. Please run the atomicorp installer again to get your repo up to date:

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