[atomic] sysdig 0.1.83

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[atomic] sysdig 0.1.83

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Bug Fixes

Many minor bugfixes

New and Updated Features

No new features

New and Updated Chisels

No new chisels

New and Updated filter fields

proc.vmsize: Total virtual memory for the process (as kb)
proc.vmrss: Resident non-swapped memory for the process (as kb)
proc.vmswap: Swapped memory for the process (as kb)
thread.pfmajor: Number of major page faults since thread start
thread.pfminor: Number of minor page faults since thread start
proc.fdopencount: Number of open FDs for the process
proc.fdlimit: Maximum number of FDs the process can open
proc.fdusage: The ratio between open FDs and maximum available FDs for the process
New and Updated events


To upgrade:

yum upgrade sysdig

PS- This is a great utility!
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