What does means it mean if there is no report today?

Security annoucements of interest to the AtomiCorp community, such as vulnerabilities in third party applications.
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What does means it mean if there is no report today?

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That means both ASL and rules only users are already protected against all published vulnerabilities and exploits that day.

In short, no update is necessary, and therefore no update has been released.

We've had customers ask us over the years if we produce a changelog for for new vulnerabilities (and CVEs) like some other security companies do. We havent done that because we usually dont have to release any updates when a new vulnerability is discovered. This is part our design philosophy: target methods not vulnerabilities. We dont have to release a new signature, or a patch to handle the latest things the bad guys are doing. Real security is preventing exploitation of vulnerabilities before they're even introduced, not patching or releasing something after so called 0days are released.

This means we and our customers dont have to chase the latest vulnerability and play catch up with the bad guys, who already know about these new vulnerabilities. Which is why we've always tried to look ahead and build our products around methods, meaning that when a new vulnerability uses a known method (like SQL injection, or buffer overflows for example), we dont have to release an update because all our customers are already protected against that method.

We experimented with releasing a daily report basically documenting everything our customers didnt need to worry about. Very few users read the reports (why bother if the report just says "nothing to worry about here"). So we're going to go back to posting only when its necessary in this forum. We'll still do weekly, and sometimes daily rollups (when its something thats being hyped) of the things you dont need to worry about, so you can still check on a particular vulnerability if you arent sure.

When a new method of attack comes out, and that requires an update, we will always post an alert about that.
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