Feature plans regarding libmodsecurity and nginx connector

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Feature plans regarding libmodsecurity and nginx connector

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Hi guys,

As of july 2015 getting modsecurity production ready for nginx is very hard. Atomic is providing experimental rules for NGINX and they seems to work oke.

If I understand correct modsecurity 3.0 will be renamed to libmodsecurity (https://github.com/SpiderLabs/ModSecuri ... odsecurity) and every webserver is getting it's own connecter talking to this library. I think this is the way to go, because modsecurity is to much build upon Apache now and it's to bloated when using a non apache server.

I don't know about rules compatibility but will Atomicorp start publishing rules for libmodsecurity if it reaches a point so that libmodsecurity is usable?

Just curious :wink:

- Gerwin
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Re: Feature plans regarding libmodsecurity and nginx connect

Unread post by scott »

The rule language doesnt change with this, so it doesn't impact that so much as change some behind the scenes architecture. It looks like this will be more of a packaging thing than a rules thing to me.
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