Can't update

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Can't update

Unread post by davidpaj »

I noticed the monthly subscription to the modsec rules had been discontinued. I updated to the yearly. now I get the following error

Authorization failed attempting to download an update.
The username or password may be invalid, or your license may be expired.
Please log in to the License Manager at and verify your account.

Furhter information may be found at: ... n_Required.

Errors were encountered:

- ---- ----------------------------- ------------------------------------------
[0;33m2 302 Core::distributed_update remote fail: E_GEN_RETRY 22 .. www3.atomic
[0m [1;31m3 303 Core::distributed_update Invalid user credentials

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Although my password does match that of the license manager login.

What should I do?
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Re: Can't update

Unread post by scott »

Definitely reach out to if you havent already. Make sure you include your asl username so we can look up the account and see what the issue is
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