Yum upadte epel vs asl4

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Yum upadte epel vs asl4

Unread post by Kalimari »

Just noticed a yum update for clamav which is pulling in the epel repo and obsoleting clamav-db from asl-4.0

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yum check-update
clamav-data.noarch                                                                0.101.4-1.el7                                                                    epel   
Obsoleting Packages
clamav-db.x86_64                                                                  0.101.4-8677.el7.art                                                             asl-4.0
    clamav-data.noarch                                                            0.101.3-1.el7                                                                    @epel 
Is it best to utilise yum-plugin-priorities package for this or is there a better solution.
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Re: Yum upadte epel vs asl4

Unread post by Imaging »

We add an exclude statement under [epel] in our epel.repo file. For example:

exclude=clamav* clamd

to keep the versions/repos from conflicting so that the asl versions will be the primary versions.
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