Unable to create a backup on Virtuozzo

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Unable to create a backup on Virtuozzo

Unread post by KrazyBob »

I got a message that a backup failed that has been running on a cron for years, No clue why it failed. I went to the DIR of the backup and found failed splits of a backup. But I don't split and deleted them. LOL. Now vzbackup tells me that it cannot delete the files that I deleted. I've been a programmer for a loooong time and that is such an easy program: if exists then else end. Either way the damn files get axed.

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/usr/sbin/vzbackup -F -Cg --no-split -e 100

2015-03-30T15:24:55-0700 vzbackup(52152): Failed to backup hw006.xxx VE 100
Can't open volume /vz/backups/hw006.xxx /100/100-2015-03-30T152453-0700@hw006.xxx-F-04.tar.52152 - Invalid argument
Unable to delete multi-volume backup /vz/backups/hw006.xxx/100/100-2015-03-30T152453-0700@hw006.xxx-F-04.tar.52152
2015-03-30T15:24:55-0700 vzbackup(52152): Errors while backup node hw006.xxx. Containers -  100.
Can I somehow force a new backup?
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Re: Unable to create a backup on Virtuozzo

Unread post by faris »

Could the error you are seeing be caused by some other issue? Like not enough disk space or something on the HN?

Alternatively, vzbackup seems to store a list of backups in a database or file somewhere. And I think it likes to get some configuration options from some configuration file or other. Could it be that the split is being forced because of a config file saying it should be split, and could the error be a result of VZ trying to remove an older backup when you run vzbackup (but that backup doesn't actually exist)?

If so, there's some command, undocumented as I recall, that forces VZ to sync actual, real backups with its database and vice versa. It was mentioned on the Parallels forum at one point. The notes I have are:
1) vzrestore list (which shows what can be restored, maybe?)
2) vzbackupsync (which does the syncing of actual files with the database of what can be restored -- it is intended for use when you copy a backup file from elsewhere to an HN - it makes the HN aware that the backup exists).

The configuration file for vzbackup will be somewhere in /etc/vz I think.

As always, please be careful and don't do anything unless you are completely happy no damage can occur. I have big gaps in my VZ knowledge.
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