Verizon Wireless Can't Find Me!

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Verizon Wireless Can't Find Me!

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I am using both Plesk and cPanel. Sorry Plesk. I used to be a Sprint cell phone customer and could always reach my web sites. Specifically the control panels but ANY domain as well. I CAN reach them via IP. I have customers using Enom for their DNS. They work. I use HSP for almost all domains but some use the actual server. Some alias to the HSP. But they ALL worked on Sprint.

Now that I am using Verizon Wireless the only web sites I can reach use Enom. WTF? Except for only warnings on RFC's my nameservers check out just fine except that they incorrectly state that there is no abuse@ email address. Not true. Nonetheless, I can't reach any domain from Verizon Wireless.

Before I started tinkering I thought it through. No customer has told me otherwise. Everywhere else my nameservers are fast. Reverse DNS in place and functional using XO Communications. With over 100 servers this has worked for years. Why Verizon??? Google can pull any site from its cache.

I have tried doing a dig at Verizon's nameservers and they are REFUSED. I then did a nslookup (depricated of course) and it reported back.


Thank you in advance. Maybe some customers haven't complained but I know that many, many use their Verizon phones and pull mail.


As a sidebar my nameservers are a single point of failure and I've begun using the actual server to provide nameservers. I assign a root IP for domains and then two IP's for nameservers from different subnets to meet RFC's. Is there a better, faster approach now that I am using Plesk and cPanel? I have asked Godaddy about their HSP's PowerDNS has been efficient but like a said a single point of failure.

OK. We all know that a server needs a root server address like The support folks at Godaddy are clueless to this and unable to tell me if their Premium DNS service will work for me as an offsite provider. Same issue. HSP is where root server names are listed and if that server or domain goes down so do all domains in it and on all servers.

Is there an option from any vendor that fits this bill? Not to host my A records. If a customer adds a sub-domain it needs to be automatic. A service by any reliable provider of DNS management where my servers can be listed? Am i better off having customer enter a centralized DNS such as and along with and Or use a decentralized approach like Hostgator?
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