ROUND2: disabling/enabling fucntions with suhosin

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ROUND2: disabling/enabling fucntions with suhosin

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I've discovered that if you disable functions with suhosin rather than using php's native disable_fuctions, you cannot then re-enable individual functions on a per-vhost basis *IF* you are running php in FastCGI mode.

This seems a bit odd when it is (or at least was) possible to do so when using php in mod_php mode.

You can, however, disable suhosin (or rather you can enable simulation mode) on a per-vhost level.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Or is everybody using php's native disable_functions these days? I take it they CAN be disabled on a per-domain basis with phpg in FastCGI mode, which wasn't the case for mod_php and was the reason I used suhosin to do so!

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