HELP atomic-php52-soap.rpm !

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HELP atomic-php52-soap.rpm !

Unread post by guimas »

Good night folks

First, sorry for my english

I need to install a system that only works with php5.2.17. I managed to download and install packages atomic-php52, atomic-php52-common, atomic-php52-mysql, atomic-php52-mssql, pdo, mbstring. But I could not find the package atomic-php52-soap. It seems is no longer available in the atomic repository. :cry: :cry:

I wonder if someone could direct me where to download or even if it can pass the package. :P

My operating system is CentOS 6.5

thank you all
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Re: HELP atomic-php52-soap.rpm !

Unread post by scott »

Sure, its available from our Nucleus repo which requires a subscription. You can create that here: ... t/id/32/c/
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