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PHP 5.6 end of support

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:42 am
by billwetson
Apart from the PHP/FI period, I've always had the choice between at least two supported major PHP versions:

[edit] as /user/find_--delete points out in a very pertinent comment :

1995 - 1997: <2.x1, 'releases' from Red Hat continued until through 2000.

1997 - 2000: <2.x continued, 3.x released.

2000 - 2002: 3.x (releases continue through 2002), 4.x (first release in 2000)

2002 - 2015: 4.x (releases continue until 2014, eligible until 2017), 5.x (started releases in 2004)

2015 - 2018: 5.x (relases continue until 2018), 7.x (releases started 2015)

which validates the choices:


PHP3 or PHP4

PHP4 or PHP5

PHP5 or PHP7

In my opinion this contributed to making the language greater and more powerful by spreading itself on a wider set of systems and developers.

Moreover it provided some relief in code legacy situations while offering a smooth path to personal upskilling.

Now at the end of this year, I'm losing this freedom to move and can't keep wondering what second (supported) choice I'll have when PHP7.x is too edgy for the environment I have to work on [edit] because not everybody is root and can choose the PHP version they work with.

Should I just refuse to do the work unless PHP7 is provided?

Re: PHP 5.6 end of support

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:24 am
by scott
So the SCL packaging system in RHEL/Rocky/Centos allows multiple installations of PHP concurrently so you could still have different options in the environment.

Otherwise PHP 5.4.x is maintained by redhat on RHEL/Centos 7 until june 2024