mariadb galera cluster

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mariadb galera cluster

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Hey to all,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have a few question in regards to MariaDB Cluster.

I am following this link to build a Cluster, and I would like to know what would be the fail cases here. ... uorum.html

If I have two locations . A and B.

A = 5 node cluster. = Primary.
B = 3 Node cluster. = Non Primary.

1 - If everything is running fine - I should be able to read/write to any node in both clusters without issues even non-Primary ?
2 - In case connection drops between location A and B. from what I have understood that location B being non-Primary will be read only and A read/write ?
3 - Assuming if the connection restores, all nodes will sync without issues ?
4 - What would happen if many writes happen the same time between A and B, will Data conflict (Split Brain) ?

Thanks guys
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