Is something like redudant if I use ASL

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Is something like redudant if I use ASL

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I read about and I am wondering if ASL, when it comes to XSS/Injection protection, offers only the standard WAF protection or does it offer further protection, as Prevoty claims they do.
Rather than simply relying on past malware definitions or heuristics, SmartFilter uses “tokenizers, parsers, and profilers that in unison have the ability to perform syntactic/semantic operations on content,” according to the company. In other words, its algorithms understand how HTML and JavaScript code behaves within application and how that impacts users. When potentially dangerous activity or code is detected, the system prevents it from running and ejects the user responsible.
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Re: Is something like redudant if I use ASL

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Short answer, yes its redundant.

As for what our WAF does, it doesnt rely on signatures, and already stops zero days. I have no idea why it seems they asserts that wafs rely on signatures, in general thats just not the case for the industry.
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