How to report a bug

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How to report a bug

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If you find a bug in ASL, or want us to add a feature, please follow this process:

1) Log into the support portal

2) Click on "Bugs"

3) Enter your bug report.

Please do not open a case for a bug report unless the bug is having immediately adverse impact on your system. Cases aren't the most efficient process for reporting bugs to us, as they go to our support team who has to determine first if something is a bug. If you know something is a bug, report it as a bug. That cuts out an entire step! :-)

Please dont use email to report bugs, the process is even slower because not only does the support need to figure out if its a bug, but they also have to ask a lot of follow up questions that can be answered by filling out a bug report online. So if you use the support portal, instead of email, you'll be cutting out two steps! So its even faster! :-)

If you must send email for bug reports, please include in the subject of the email "Bug Report", again this will help speed up the process of looking into your issue. And the following information:

a) Platform (32bit/64 bit)
b) Linux distribution
c) ASL version
d) kernel installed
e) virtualization used (if any)

And of course, if you just arent sure if something is a bug, just open a case.
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