ASL 5 all sites are timing out

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ASL 5 all sites are timing out

Unread post by iv@rh »

Since the ASL automated upgrade last night, all sites on all servers with ASL (independently of OS version, stack, config) are timing out.

The only way to resolve is to uninstall ASL. Disabling components one by one does not resolve the problem.
No reason logged in any logs, Apache just keeps restarting.

Any advise?
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Re: ASL 5 all sites are timing out

Unread post by heiny »

Same for us.

Server-Status from Apache:

Current Time: Friday, 27-Jan-2017 11:40:21 EST
Restart Time: Friday, 27-Jan-2017 10:05:57 EST
Parent Server Generation: 2
Server uptime: 1 hour 34 minutes 24 seconds
Total accesses: 47580 - Total Traffic: 1.7 GB
CPU Usage: u681.08 s1307.07 cu8.41 cs0 - 35.3% CPU load
8.4 requests/sec - 317.6 kB/second - 37.8 kB/request
256 requests currently being processed, 0 idle workers

We disabled ModSecurity
# mod_security configuration
Then asl -f -s

Fast again.

Is Mod_sec rules broken ??
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