Failed to spawn 'ossec-dbd' with '/sbin/service ossec-hids r

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Failed to spawn 'ossec-dbd' with '/sbin/service ossec-hids r

Unread post by Globalti »

Hi, I got this problem since 4 days now.

"Command executed: /sbin/service ossec-hids restart Exit value: 1 Signal number: 0 Dumped core?: 0

Restarting ossec-hids (via systemctl): [FAILED]

On web


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

I have try to reinstall asl two time with no error.

Anyone ?
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Re: Failed to spawn 'ossec-dbd' with '/sbin/service ossec-hi

Unread post by mikeshinn »

So that sounds like part of asl was removed, including the GUI. Check to make sure you arent configured in client mode: ... OSSEC_MODE

If you are in client mode, change that to "server". Then remove the client:

yum remove ossec-hids-agent

And re-run the ASL installer to re-install the web gui and support packages:

wget -q -O - |sh
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