GRSEC: Denied Resource Overstep - Varnish

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GRSEC: Denied Resource Overstep - Varnish

Unread post by imadsani »

I'm trying to get Varnish 4.1/5.1 to work on a server with the art kernel and ASL installed. As soon as I upgrade and add my config, which works fine on a server without the art kernel, varnish stops working, won't start. I looked into ASL's console and see the following error: (had to upload a img because the forum blocked me when I pasted the whole error message)


Any ideas?

BTW, I tried accessing support but the website is down
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Re: GRSEC: Denied Resource Overstep - Varnish

Unread post by mikeshinn »

Thats just the kernel telling you that your OS is configured to set a limit on some resource, in this case RLIMIT_MEMLOCK, and your application wants to use more than your OS is configured to allow and that your OS stopped it. ASL doesnt set or enforce these limits, it just tells you if the OS stopped something from running and why. A normal kernel wont tell you anything. You'll need to increase whatever limits you have on your system to allow that application to run.

Heres a post from the varnish website: ... 00089.html

And a post in our wiki on this: ... RLIMIT_.2A

As for the support portal, we use zendesk and they host and run everything. Thats quite horrifying to hear that their entire system was down, can you tell me when this was? I'm sure they will want to know zendesk was down.
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