Severity not updating in Hosts tab.

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Severity not updating in Hosts tab.

Unread post by _Scot_ »

When a scan has completed, I am finding that the Severity (for some but not all) in the Hosts tab is still marked as 'Log' however if I drill down into the host it is shows that some of the scans at least report other levels, such as high.

My understanding is that the Host tab should show the highest recorde severity for that particular host in order to take a quick glance of overall status.

Is this a bug perhaps or am I missing some config somewhere?

Pretty much vanilla install on CentOS7 (save the sqlite3 faffing)


[root@tower mgr]# sqlite3 --version
3.20.0 2017-08-01 13:24:15 9501e22dfeebdcefa783575e47c60b514d7c2e0cad73b2a496c0bc4b680900a8


Also notice this a fair bit in the md log ... (all clues much appreciated!)

md manage:WARNING:2017-08-21 04h15.15 utc:23576: sql_exec_internal: sqlite3_step failed: cannot start a transaction within a transaction
md manage:WARNING:2017-08-21 04h15.15 utc:23576: sqlv: sql_exec_internal failed
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Re: Severity not updating in Hosts tab.

Unread post by scott »

its probably related to the sqlite 3.8 requirement in 7.0.2. Theres an update for this in the repo now
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