Newbie installing OSSEC appliance on ESXi

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Newbie installing OSSEC appliance on ESXi

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Hello All,

I am a newbie and am trying to install the OSSEC server appliance on an ESXi. Unfortunately, having lots of issues related to hardware compatibility etc. When I finally am able to start the image, it gives me the progress bar with "CentOS Linux 7" and then just goes into Emergency mode with a "dracut" prompt. The warning messages are :/dev/centos_ossec-server/root, /dev/centos_ossec-server/swap and /dev/mapper/centos_ossec--server/root does not exist. I browsed around to understand what this was and confirm that those directories werent present in that mode, and the fix would be to use a bootable CentOS CD/image. Any advice on what should I be doing to get this to work, as I thought the server appliance would be a locked down image? I'm hoping the server appliance, once booted correctly, asks me for the basics - hostname/IP and then I should be able to access OSSEC via a browser. Is that not the correct assumption? Please let me know if there is a better way to install the server appliance.

Thank you,
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