clapf error with quarantine

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clapf error with quarantine

Unread post by raistie »

clapf[12833]: unknown key: "quarantine_dir"
I get this message when i start clapf. Emails are correctly scanned and eicar_com shows as VIRUS
spaminess=0.5000, result=VIRUS (Eicar-Test-Signature)
But it still shows that postfix/dovecot saves to user inbox
saved mail to INBOX

Also... how can i disable spam for clapf? (it is already handled by plesk)

I am on CentOS 6.4 and using clamav.... thank you
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Re: clapf error with quarantine

Unread post by scott »

As I recall in the config file you can disable SA with use_antispam=0. Not sure about the quarantine, I hadnt used it before. It might be that the target dir doesnt exist or it just cant write to it
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