How to load test a mailscanner?

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How to load test a mailscanner?

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I'd really like to know what sort of load my PG mailscanner setup can cope with, so I'm looking for some way to test.

A google search reveals a few options but none stand out (other than JMeter but that looks like it uses java so it is out of the question (though I suppose I could build a VM and put it in there).

Has anybody done any load testing? Any recommendations?
I'm looking for something that can automatically send to non-existent and existent addresses, send spam and non-spam, send virus and non-virus, and basically ramp up until my mailscanners fall over (or whatever - with a sensible connection limit they should not fall over, but I don't know what a sensible connection limit is for these boxes and that's something I want to find out).
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