Atomic Secured Linux™ 4 is here!

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4 is here!

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Better, Faster, Secure: Pick any Three

We're proud to announce the release of Atomic Secured Linux™ 4. The only complete end to end security solution for Linux™ based systems.

We're completely redesigned and refactored ASL for speed making Atomic Secured Linux™ the fastest security platform on the market!

New reporting and events management system

ASL™ 4 now includes an advanced reporting system, that lets you create your own reports w/ pie charts and other graphical aids. It also lets you perform detailed analysis of attacks and other suspicious activity by country, rule, IP, time, rule ID, and more. We've added in full text searching capabilities that allow you to search for and identify all actions performed by a user, a process, from or to a country, by IP, and more.

Firewall Enhancements

A new easy to use firewall GUI, with auto configuration, commenting system, portknocking, rate limiting, new advanced portscan detection systems, new RBLs and more make its easier than ever to protect your system.

New Anti-Malware Command Center

ASL™ now includes a malware protection command center, which allows for on-demand rootkit, malware and security policy violation scans. New fanotify system to protect your system from advanced malware while providing massive performance enhancements. New advanced malware removal system, cleans your web pages in real time of any malicious content.

Custom Real Time Blacklists

Now you can define your own Real Time Blacklists (RBLs).

And theres so much new stuff in ASL 4 we cant put it all here, see the URL below for more information.
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