Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.5 (maintenance update) available

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.5 (maintenance update) available

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Release Notes

This is a maintenance update to ASL 4.0.5. New features in this release includes beta support for RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS version 7.


Add support for el7 (beta)
Add support for Apache 2.4 (beta, el7 only)
Add support for systemd (beta, el7 only)
Update, aum, adds owner check on aslw.key
Update, Firewall, Added in http rules for ASL-UPDATES chain
Update, ASL Web, adds help message if error during web validate
Update, ASL Core, shows help if old --vhost param is sent during enable/disable rule
Update, ASL Web, adds 'locally modified' search filter to Rule Manager window in ASL Web this will display all locally modified rules as found in /etc/asl/rules
Update, database-setup, includes sql setup from ASL Web
Update, ASL Web, adds per-vhost settings to the search results summary in Rule Manager window
Bugfix #1587, handles safari forcing numeric indeces in for/in loops in user group management
Bugfix #XXX, correct condition for remote SSL t-waf
Bugfix #XXX, fixes rule reset from ASL Web
Bugfix #XXX, fixes error when updates pending log is 0 bytes

To Upgrade

1) Read the release notes: ... _4.0_Notes

2) aum -uf

3) asl -s -f
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