Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.7 (Thoth) now available

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.7 (Thoth) now available

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Release Notes

Our Thoth release brings our first direct integration with cloud services. As part of our new expanding enterprise features, ASL 4.0.7 supports the ability to both act as a secure remote syslog server, and a transport platform to archive log data to Cloud services like Amazon Glacier. We plan to continue expanding ASL to integrate with other cloud applications and services in the next few releases!

The ASL Secure syslog & Retention interface can be found in ASL Web under ASL -> Remote Syslog

Additional changes in this release allow for managing the SSL Protocol type in the apache and courier imap daemons to mitigate the SSL POODLE vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566).


Add SSL Protocol management for apache SSL
Add Ciphersuite management for apache SSL
Add SSL Protocol management for Courier POP/IMAP
Add remote syslog/secure syslog server management
Add support to archive logs to Amazon glacier
Update Core, adds ip address to debug / completed with errors output from cli
Update Core, skips sig reload during whitelist add/remove events


Bugfix #XXX, suppress ipset delet message output
Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, correct issue with adding/removing vhost settings in asl web
Bugfix #XXX, corrects wildcards when running malware scans from web
Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web, fix condition with scan results not being handled correctly in ASL Web

To Upgrade

1) Read the release notes: ... _4.0_Notes

2) aum -uf

3) asl -s -f