Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.9 (Maintenance Update)

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.9 (Maintenance Update)

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Release Notes

This is a maintenance update to ASL 4.0.9, new features in this release includes the Roll Back Configuration system (RBC).

RBC Features:
1) backs up files before making changes to /var/asl/rbc/
2) reverts to the most recent backup if an error is encountered writing

- Add Roll Back Configuration system
- Update, firewall, add cidr handling to local-service-acl
- Update, firewall, add new plesk ka server IP
- Update, ASL Web, Remove geoblock buttons for EU
- Feature Request #1630, installation, Detect if we can not connect to mysql during install
- Bugfix #1597, firewall, Handle CIDR and ip-ip ranges in local-services-acl
- Bugfix #XXXX, ASL Web, fixes line break bug in rule enable/disable
- Bugfix #XXXX, HIDS, correct repeat offender logic for x2 and x3 conditions
- Bugfix #XXXX, Core, remove hardcoded database name "tortix" from setup
- Bugfix #XXXX, Aum, force waf module building on cpanel during configuration step

To Upgrade
1) Read the release notes: ... _4.0_Notes

2) aum -uf

3) asl -s -f