Atomic Rev Limiter: Per-user resource management (beta)

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Atomic Rev Limiter: Per-user resource management (beta)

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Atom Rev Limiter is a resource management system for ASL platform based on CGROUPS that allow fine grained control of CPU, Memory, and Disk I/O for individual users, groups and processes. We're looking for users to beta test Rev Limiter and provide us feedback on the direction for product, this is your chance to get the features you really need on the ground floor of a new Atomicorp project.

* Limit CPU share by the user, group or process
* Limit the max amount of memory available to a user, group, or process
* Track CPU utilization of a user, or process over time
* Limit Disk I/O share, read bps, write bps, by the user, group or process
* Works with all Redhat/Centos 6 and ASL kernels
* Web based management component in ASL

The inital beta is for EL6 (Redhat & Centos 6) systems running the ASL Kernel, or the default kernel from redhat or centos. EL7 support will be next!

What we need from you:
* The features you really care about, CPU usage? Disk IO? Outbound bandwidth?
* The platforms you really care about: Is this worth implementing on el5?
* Does this do what you need it to?
* Where else should we go with it?

Rev limiter is available in the ASL beta now, and can be upgraded with:

yum --enablerepo=asl-4.0-testing upgrade asl asl-web

Configuration is available under:
Settings -> Cgroups configuration
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