Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.13 (Maximilian)

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.13 (Maximilian)

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Release Notes

This is a mainteance update to ASL 4.0.13


- Added ip_set_hash_ip to forced module load
- Updated low level portscan detection to automatically exclude localhost
- Modified syn scan engine to ignore half open requests on loopback
- Updated ASL to support new fuzzy malware detection engine
- Bugfix #1826 - fixes file read error in ASL Web when cl_clientapi is 0 bytes
- Bugfix #1827 - fixes permissions issues for non-admin ASL Web users
- Bugfix #1828 - fixes formatting error in memory and swap meters in ASL Web
- Bugfix #xxxx - fixes asl/aum cli error output formatting
- Bugfix #xxxx - fixes local ip lists in ASL Web

To Upgrade

1) aum -u

2) asl -s -f