Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.16 (Hector)

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.16 (Hector)

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Atomic Secured Linux™ 4.0.16 (Hector) now available!

Release Notes
This is a maintenance update to ASL 4.0.16

- Feature Request #1835, realtime malware detection, autoexclude directories malware scanning, /var/log, /home/*log; mail; spamassassin
- Feature Request #1849, realtime malware detection, report disabled/unavailable as vulnerability
- Feature Request #1850, WAF, add fx for aum-only environments on cpanel to regenerate configs post easyapache
- Bugfix #1726, configuration, add check for apr & apr-util if this is an rpm based install
- Bugfix #1742, AUM, VERSION handle condition when content types are missing (WAF_ENGINE_VERSION, etc)
- Bugfix #1783, aum, prevent incompatible MODSEC_00_AUTOWHITELIST_SEARCHENGINE and MODSEC_00_SEARCHENGINE to be enabled in 2.9.0
- Bugfix #1896, rework cpanel updates for rules-only, all, exclude-kernel update types
uzzy matching database to the scanner (lua format, MODSEC_99_ADV_SCANNER)
- Bugfix #XXXX, Firewall, Update dynamic whitelisting to load from both cron and core firewall
- Bugfix #XXXX, Aum, expand environment checking on cpanel to regenerate configs post easyapache
- Bugfix #XXXX, ASL Web, fixes removal of from tortixd acl when a valid ip address is added

To Upgrade:

1) aum -u

2) asl -s -f
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