Growing pains

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Growing pains

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We apologize if you experience any slowness on our main website ( One of our integrators mistakenly setup their software to query for all their customer updates instead of Which means about 20,000 systems hit all at the same time every hour (no randomization either in their implementation), and the number of systems keeps growing every day. So while we're thrilled at all the new customers, its a bit of a challenge for a cluster that wasnt designed for that level of traffic.

So, while they are fixing their updater, we're making some expansions to the main web site cluster to handle this rather unprecedented increase in traffic.

We apologize if this causes you any problems as we work around this gaff, if you need support and cant access the main website for any reason just email us. Those are a different cluster unaffected by this. We'll also be splitting off the forums, wiki and support portal onto their own FQDNs and their own clusters as well.
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