Server is not a Master?

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Server is not a Master?

Unread post by RTIShawn »

I have installed OSSEC on an Ubuntu 20.04 Amazon VM and for some reason it does not believe it is the master. i.e. The manage_agents binary displays the following menu:

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* OSSEC HIDS v3.6.0 Agent manager.     *
* The following options are available: *
   (I)mport key from the server (I).
Choose your action: I or Q: 
If I try the "A" (Add Agent) option anyway, I get the message "Agent adding only available on a master".

How do I convince OSSEC it is really and truly the master?

I am installing OSSEC on a 3-VM development "cluster" -- 2 Linux, 1 Windows -- and it is the first VM I have tried to install it on.


--- Shawn
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Re: Server is not a Master?

Unread post by mikeshinn »

Thats normally the output if you only installed the agent, youll need to install the server.

If you think you did, could you share with us the commands you ran to install the server?
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