openvas-scanner not starting on RHEL7

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openvas-scanner not starting on RHEL7

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I have successfully installed Openvas 9 on RHEL7, and have also successfully run it for about a week, having done few scans.

Yesterday I´ve started a task to discover systems on a subnet (wich I had also run successfully before) and the scan stalled at 1%. Retrieving the deamons status I´ve noticed that openvas-manager was stalled, and tried to restart it, with no success. In order to solve it I´ve run the sync jobs (cert, nvts, ...) and, after that, I was able to start openvas-manager and gsad again. But then I saw that openvas-scanner status was remaining in "activating" forever.

Then I stopped all deamons, removed openvas (yum -y remove openvas) and reinstalled it. But now when I try to run openvas-setup again it stalls after "Pausing shile openvas-scanner loads NVTs...Done". Executing "service openvas-scanner status" I see that its status is "activating (start)" again, and it doesn´t get to start it.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance,
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